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How to Get Great Healthy Skin

If you’re into good looking skin, and wanting to age gracefully, then it’s important to know what your skin needs in order to complete this task. A good foundation is a really good place to start, and by foundation we mean good skincare that nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

The foundation to great skin care is by adding essential fatty acids into your skin care routine.

Why EFA’s?

Essential Fatty Acids are the building blocks to healthy cell membranes, which means great healthy skin cells, but our body doesn’t make certain EFA’s that our skin needs like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, so we must rely on nature to support us with these essential building blocks for our skin. We can get these essential fatty acids through the oils, and butters that nature provides for us.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids have great benefits when applied to your skin. They help produce the skins natural oil barrier which keeps skin hydrated, plump, and younger looking.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Help skin to appear smoother, firmer, younger, and more supple. It also has great anti-inflammatory properties important for individuals with rosacea, acne, and psoriasis. Omega 3 also ensures the cell walls in the skin to maintain their elasticity, and improve circulation, and oxygen uptake in the cells. Omega 3 contributes in retaining water in the skin, so it provides anti-aging properties as well.

Omega 6 essential fatty acids

High in gamma linolenic acid (GLA) may actually help to reduce inflammation as well. Omega 6 also helps to suppress oily skin concerns by aiding in flushing out toxins, which reduces clogged pores.

Our skin is our biggest organ, and it is acts as a sponge soaking up whatever is put on it. What we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies, so its important to put healthy natural ingredients on it. Applying essential fatty acids to our skin adds great benefits to our cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and reproductive system. Our bodies need these EFA’s to make, and repair cell membranes, that enable the cells to obtain healthy nutrition and expel harmful waste out of our bodies.

EFA’s are an overall great way to keep our bodies young, and healthy inside and out. Be good to yourself, love yourself, and take care of your mind, body, and soul. You are worth it. Love you some you.