About Us

My love for beauty and my need for self-care collided at a moment in time where I was forced to face my own self neglect. My physical and spiritual health were left so neglected for so long and I was starting to pay the price. My emotional health was out of wack. I was on antidepressants, and depression medications. I became anemic, gained a huge amount of poundage, and lost my monthly cycle. I gave up on me and started taking care of everyone except me.  I was forced to take a long hard look at what I was doing to myself, and I finally said “enough was enough”. I hear older people say “I wish I would’ve taken better care of myself”, and i knew that I didn’t want that regret. I wanted more.  I wanted to feel like a girl again. I wanted to look, and smell like a girl again- like I gave a shit about myself.  I wanted my husband to want me, and think I looked pretty, and smelt nice and yummy. I wanted to love myself. I wanted it bad. I wanted to stop giving up on me, and myself, and really put effort into me, and my well being.- My mental health, my spiritual health, and my physical health, and I want to do it my way. Healthy nontoxic self-care. I love bath treats, pretty, smell-good bathwater, all things Skincare, all things self-care, and all things spiritual care on my terms, and I want to help other women who forgot about themselves, who take care of everyone except themselves, and who are dying on the inside to feel like a girl again. It’s time to rise up, and love yourself.  Fill your cup, so you can take care of those you love.  My depression, anxiety, weight gain, and failing health wasn’t helping anyone, and neither is yours.  Take care of yourself- mind, body, and spirit.